I realise it has been quite some time since I posted anything about my football bets.

There’s a good reason for this. I have become somewhat disenchanted with them, following a series of losses that caused me to reassess what I was doing.

This season the format of the information provided by the Football Betting Data service has changed somewhat compared to last season and up until now I had been placing bets on the televised matches, based on their ‘recommendations,’ placing the largest bets (£5 stakes) on the shortest odds bets (i.e. the most likely outcomes) all the way down to bets of £1 or £2 stakes on the very long shots like first scorer and correct score bets.

However, I came to realise that this might not be the best tactic, especially after some results that went completely against the form book. I don’t have a large enough bankroll to place bets on all the matches on a given weekend and I have no way of knowing which results are more likely to go according to the recommendations and which might not.

I haven’t put any bets on since before the international break. Last season I tended to shy away from the very short odds bets, because it only took a couple of them to lose to wipe out most of my profits. However, from memory, last season I was placing bets of the same stake on all bets, regardless of the odds, not something I have been doing this season. Of course, by placing smaller bets on the outside odds bets this season, even if they do come in, they don’t provide a significant pay out.

Once I have figured out what my approach needs to be, I will get back to placing bets and reporting on them here. Thanks for your patience, normal service will be resumed shortly.