Boxing clever

We were a bit late with this one (I didn’t actually manage to get the bet on but the principle is the same) and it wouldn’t have made a large amount of money but it would have been a useful way
to earn some bonus bets being offered. Betfair were offering a free £5
matched bet on any £5 bet on the Hatton vs Mayweather fight. The best odds (either to back or to lay) were being offered
on Hatton – something like 2.4 (7/5). By backing Hatton to lose (placing a lay bet), this would complete part 1 of
the Betfair challenge (to place a back bet, bet in play and a lay bet) the first 2 of which were done during the
Rubgy World Cup and earn a £10 credit in addition to the free £5 bet.

Hatton losing would have earned £12 plus the free bet and the extra £10. Even if Hatton had won (which is what
we really wanted) the loss on that bet would have been £7 but there was still the free bet and the £10 credit.
Again a no lose situation (had we got round to placing the bet). Ok not a massive profit but it’s more about demonstrating
the principal.

This post was first published on the site in 2008.