Internet poker is big business, despite numerous US attempts to ban it. US friendly poker rooms are still available but don’t attract anything like the numbers of players that they were prior to Black Friday.

There are plenty of people who make a living playing online poker (sharks/professionals) and there are many times more people who lose money (fish) to those making their living.

Here at Gambling Ninja we play poker online with limited success at a number of different poker rooms. However one thing we are good at is finding the sites with good sign up bonuses and making the most of any money that they offer you to play.

Here are some tips and links that will hopefully help you improve your online game in addition to those general tips that apply to poker and the ones specific to bricks and mortar poker. Good luck.

Online poker tips

  • Be wary of the chat facility in poker rooms. Some players use it to put you off you’re game by criticising the way you played and hand, or calling you lucky, or other, less complimentary remarks. Normally this is either designed to put you off and make you change the way you play or
    simply because they are angry because you won a hand they thought they should. If it has a detrimental effect on your play then switch the chat off. On the other hand, you can use it to put other players off their game and confuse them about your own play.
  • Try playing at different times of day – Friday and Saturday nights when there are people online who’ve come back from
    the pub, can be rewarding but during the day the players are often of a much higher standard. Try it out, you’ll see what
    we mean
  • Play for free whilst you are learning the game and get lessons from the pros. Unfortunately the nature of poker is such that when there’s no money involved a lot of people don’t play properly. However
    it can still help to get a feel for the game before you stake your pension on it.
  • Get an odds calculator – a bit of software that looks at your cards and gives your probability of winning the hand.
    Especially useful when you’re still getting the hang of Pot Odds, Expected Value and so on. These are perfectly legit and you can be pretty sure that at least some of your opponents are using them so why not?

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  • Get information on your opponents. Online poker rooms allow you to make notes on other players. Use them. On top of that,
    you can get hand histories emailed to you after a hand has finished. Useful info to analyse your play and that of your
  • If you want to automate keeping track of your online play download Poker Tracker
    You can import hand histories and analyse your play in minute detail. It’s not free (although you can download 1000 hands
    for free to try it out). We’ve only just started playing with this but it looks very useful.
  • If you are playing internet poker seriously then you should get a rake back account. RakeTheRake, the rakeback professionals add value to your poker playing by securing up to 60% rakeback at over 20 top poker rooms PLUS you can play for over $200k a month in exclusive promotions, winning cash or all expenses paid packages to worldwide live events. Earning rakeback is simple, it’s free and it can add up to tens of thousands of $$$ a year!!
    Visit our rakeback site
  • Eat healthily and exercise regularly. It might sound crazy but if you are going to be playing online poker for 6 hours
    a day, playing 4 tables at a time then you need to be able to maintain your concentration. A healthy body leads to a healthy
    mind. Besides that, if you are sitting in front of a computer for 6 hours a day then you’re going to need to get some
  • For more tips on Poker Strategy is a great site for strategy articles, poker rules, and online poker information.